Prepariamoci alla presentazione in inglese

Considerate le scarse opportunità di conversare in inglese durante l’anno, i convegni internazionali possono rappresentare per molti un’ottima occasione per esercitare le proprie doti linguistiche oppure un duro banco di prova. Di seguito vi proponiamo alcune espressioni utili per chi si appresta a preparare la propria presentazione. 

Frasi di apertura alla presentazione:

- It’s a dense session full of interesting topics, so let’s get straight on with the presentation.

- Well, I’d like to thank you all for attending this session this morning: it’s nice to see such a large audience for such a relevant/complex/technical topic.

- I would like to thank my colleague for his presentation, which nicely introduces what we’ll be seeing next.

- Hello everyone, thank you for being here. Perhaps some of you know my research group and its activities on.... For those who see me for the first time, I would like to mention a few words about …..


Durante la presentazione:

- As we can see in this diagram…

- If we look back at the data on the previous slide, we can observe that…

- Although the result is not statistically significant, I believe we can all agree on the importance of this trend…

- In the lower/upper right/left corner, you can observe…the steep incline…

- I believe we can skip this and go straight to the most relevant results I would like to discuss with you today.


Question time:

- I’m not sure I understood your question. Would you mind rephrasing that?

- Yes, we did consider that aspect, but that was beyond the scope of our research. Certainly, we would like to address that in the future.

- I’d like to reply to your question by showing you some data in support to this. Let’s go back to the previous slides, shall we?

- I appreciate your frankness, but honestly I find it difficult to agree with your position for several reasons.